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Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Meadows Gun Club | 1064 Rumble Road | Forsyth, GA


  • Saturday, April 14th, 2018 will feature the Lewis Class Competition opened to EVERYONE with TWO Flight times: 10am and 2pm with LOADED Dinner Auction & Raffle at 6pm featuring the Low Country Boil! (the raffle will go MUCH QUICKER than in the previous years due to many requests.)
  • TA TA BANG! BANG! is open to both gents & ladies.
  • Team registration begins at 8:30 am
  • All practice and side games begin at 8:45 am.
  • Lunch will be available at a reasonable price. (Teams will have lunch tickets)
  • Lunch will be served beginning at 11:30.
  • Please bring your golf cart or UTV (NO ATV's).
  • Beverages (water, soda) and “Course Concessions” (fruit, crackers, chips, bars) will be available for a donation.
  • All games will have costs associated.
  • Cash, check, or credit cards will be accepted for TA TA BANG! BANG! purchases.
  • Be sure to Like the "TATA BANG BANG" Facebook page for exciting news & updates, visit us on instagram, and Twitter.


  • The Safety Meeting for the FIRST FLIGHT will be at 9:45 am at the PINK TTBB Tent of the course entrance.
  • The Safety Meeting for the SECOND FLIGHT will be at 1:45 pm at the PINK TTBB Tent of the course entrance. 
  • TA TA BANG! BANG! waiver MUST BE SIGNED prior to participation in shooting in any of the listed contests.
 (see more info under “Guns” below)
  • Ear & eye protection MUST BE WORN while participating and spectating in any shooting event at TA TA BANG! BANG! or affiliated events.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  If caught, you will be ejected from the course.
  • WARNING! NO ALCOHOL will be permitted on the course.  Drinking while shooting is a deadly combination and puts you, and others at risk.  If caught, you will be ejected from the property by the course patrol and/or local Sheriff’s Department.
  • Please be respectful of TTBB’s location property & the wildlife. State DNR rules apply for plantations in regards to the handling of wildlife (including fawns). If a fawn presents itself near you, please do not touch or handle it in any way.


  • Shotguns of 12 gauge or smaller, in safe working order, and capable of firing two shots are to be used in attempting all targets.
  • No more than two (2) shells may be loaded in the gun at one time.(NSCA Rule book)
  • ALL guns must be opened and emptied while changing stands.
  • Participants may only load guns while in shooting stand in ready position.


  • Maximum loads for any gauge event may not exceed as listed:  12 Gauge (1 1/8); 20 Gauge (7/8); 28 Gauge (3/4); 410 [2 1/2″ Maximum] (1/2) (NSCA Rule book)
  • Shot shells will be available for purchase.
  • Be sure to Like the “TATA BANG BANG” Facebook page for exciting news & updates, visit us on Instagram, and Twitter.


Mulligans must be purchased BEFORE entrance onto the sporting clays course.  Only FIVE can be purchased per team.  Mulligans will be used against missed targets and scored accordingly.  Mulligans WILL NOT be an automatic add-on to the score.  Mulligans MISSED will NOT be added to the score.  Mulligans will be applied to the overall team score.   Mulligans will NOT be applied to any HOA Men, Ladies, Youth.

Shells handled safely
Actions open
Firearms pointed in a safe direction
Eye and ear protection is required by shooters AND spectators at ALL TIMES while on a shooting course or at a side shooting competition
Target fragments can be dangerous
Y Why? Because safety is everyone’s responsibility! (NSCA Rule book)      

Local Sponsors: Georgia